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Fluid Beginnings
Integrative Aquatic Therapy
Fluid Beginnings is a course directed at handling newborns 0-6 months in water or those working with babies. Breastfeeding mother, father and baby are encouraged to participate along with support persons. Students learn to journey through the material described in the book Fluid Beginnings.

Working in water with infants is complimentary to aquanatal preparation. This method supports continuity with prenatal aquatics programs as well as waterbirth. The postnatal program offers water contact from birth onward and is a great preparation for eventual swimming lessons.

Infant Aquatic Education and Breast Feeding is a program that enables infants to have more movement in their daily lives. By working with babies in this way, you create an environment where they are both content and challenged to develop physically. This work satisfies the babies need to communicate kinesthetically. Prolonged suspension in water improves development of brain tissue and allows more energy for nutrition to the brain, especially with the body relieved of the forces of gravity.
This approach is a synthesis of active and passive movement for infants in water. Infants benefit by developing stronger immune systems, strengthening musculature and stimulating the lymphatic system. Mobility and developmental movement is greatly improved. Holding positions taught support infants to be energetically stronger.

Baby Yoga
Infant yoga, handling a newborn and breastfeeding add to the experience of Infant Aquatic Education. This family oriented program develops connection and bonding using the medium of water. Based in part on the work of Igor Tcharkovsky shown in 'Water Babies' and other therapeutic influences and movement based programs. Benefits for infants include improved mobility and co-ordination, stimulated lymphatic system, enhanced brain development and strengthened immune system.
Pool Rental
with 3-6 babies a group can be organized at a location near you or individual work can be done in a water birth inflatable pool at your location